CE4CE Interreg Project

Public Transport Infrastructure in Central Europe – facilitate transitioning to Circular Economy 

CE4CE is a cooperation project funded by the Interreg CENTRAL EUROPE program.

CE4CE aims at bringing circular economy principles into the public transport sector and, thus, reduce waste, increase efficiency in the sector and improve the ecological footprint of public transport. This challenge affects in particular local public authorities, infrastructure and (public) service providers,
and actors along the whole value/supply chain of public transport systems in Central Europe.
Through CE4CE, the public transport sector shall be empowered towards a circular system thinking and, thus, to understand and identify circularity gaps, develop circular approaches, and to integrate these approaches into strategic frameworks for the development of circular public transport systems. Furthermore, stakeholders from the public transport community will cooperate in CE4CE to jointly develop and adapt processes and solutions as key enablers for the integration of circular economy principles, like data sharing concepts, new (innovation) procurement guidance, product and business model designs, extended life-cycle assessment and cost-benefit analysis methodologies. CE4CE will also jointly develop outputs based on co-creation and peer reviews for take up by the
public transport setor, e.g. pilot actions and solutions like the CE4CE Circularity Compass for public transport, the CE4CE Circularity Knowledge platform, a web-based second-hand market place, strategies and pilot actions to increase resource-efficiency and pilots demonstrating use more, reuse and recycle approaches for the public transport sector.


CE4CE’s partnership reflects the whole value chain and transport sector system perspective including

  • 12 PPartners from
  • 7 CE countries,
  • 6 Pilots
  • 9 Regions

ranging from PT authorities/operators, industry and research to an interest group. To enlarge this cooperation, associated partners like the international active networks ICLEI, UITP and EIT Urban Mobility/Raw Materials are strategically involved to maximise communication outreach and knowledge transfer of project results.

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