Invitation Final trolley:2.0 conference – virtually 12/13 November 2020

Don´t miss our final trolley:2.0 project online-conference

Join us for the final trolley:2.0 conference on 12th and 13th November. Participants will learn about the main accomplishments of the project in the development of smart trolley grids and innovative in-motion charging concepts. This comprises lessons learned from the trolley 2.0 demonstrations that took place in various European trolleybus cities as well as new knowledge products. Speakers include representatives of leading trolleybus operators including SZKT Szeged, PKT Gdynia, BBG Eberswalde as well as leading academic (University of Gdansk, Dresden, TU Delft) and industry representatives (evopro, PRE Power, Kummler+Matter, LibroDuct, Solaris and many more). The conference is organised and will be moderated by the leading European trolleybus interest group, trolley:motion.  Final trolley 2.0 program online conference and register here