New trolley:motion member PRE Power Developers

We also like to welcome our new trolley:motion member PRE Power Developers from Netherlands and present them with a few introducing words:

PRE Develops bidirectional DC charger for trolley;2.0 project

New trolley:motion member PRE Power Developers develops a bidirectional (vehicle-to-grid) DC charger from 700V DC for the trolley:2.0 project. PRE participates in this project because they believe in the future of urban fast charging.
trolley:2.0 will develop and demonstrate concepts for the integration of multipurpose charging stations based on a smart trolley grid. The results of demonstrations will  be compiled to tools and guidelines to support the introduction of in motion charging systems and smart trolley grid concepts in other cities.

Bidirectional DC charger from 700V DC
The trolley:2.0 project will use the bidirectional (V2G) DC charger for laboratory testing, testing on batteries, reliability testing and pre-certification for the DC bus input voltage. Of course the charger has to be ready for catenary voltage. The charger is a crucial part of this project and the charger need to be ready for different power flows:

  • Power from DC Grid from rectifier station,
  • Charge and discharge the battery of the buses,
  • Use smart trolley network for peak shaving,
  • Integration with PV Systems.

PRE Power Developers has the right knowledge and experience to develop this charger in the right way.

DC fast charging modules since 2009
Since 1988 PRE develops and produces power electronics. From 2009 onwards, PRE is actively involved in the EV charging market with their power modules. A lot of experience has been acquired when it comes to electronic safety, user behavior, EMC, reliability and lifetime. There is also a lot of knowledge regarding the necessity of applying standards such as ‘class B compliant’ products and the IP65 protection degree for chargers. With this knowledge and experience, PRE hopes to help this market further along.

EVSE PRE Charger Modules
PRE develops and produces AC // DC power modules and DC // DC power modules as well as bidirectional (V2G/V2H) power modules. The AC // DC power modules vary from 6 kW to 15 kW. These modules can be connected in series and in parallel to reach 1000V DC and 350 kW. They are also suited for Ionity. For charging parks, the 25 kW DC // DC power module has been developed. These modules are suitable for large charging parks with a 650 to 1300 V DC input. Because of the compact size, high efficiency and galvanic isolation the module can be used in small charging stations, charging stalls or charging cabinets.

V2G Module with solar option
PRE is proud to work on commercial V2G chargers for the American and European markets. The recently developed 10 kW bi-directional AC // DC module attracts a lot of international attention. The V2G module has a solar (PV) option with a connection to 10kWp. This technology creates the possibility to charge an electric vehicle without using the AC net. This innovative architecture reduces energy and costs by evading conversion losses. It also creates extra features like back-up power. In 2018 PRE won the IDTechEx Show! Award for ‘Most Significant Innovations for Electric Vehicles.

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