New trolley:motion member Trivector: Towards a sustainable transport system

New infrastructure is not enough; we must also change how we plan, and how we travel.

Trivector Traffic is a Swedish company offering transport R&D and consultancy services. We aim to contribute to creating a more efficient, inclusive, sustainable and safer transport system. We have established a great deal of expertise in the fields of transport policy, planning, economics, engineering and software development through our involvement in many national and international research projects.

With our three offices across Sweden (Lund, Gothenburg and Stockholm) and around 50 experienced staff (of which about 30% have research degrees, mainly in the form of PhDs), we offer transport consultancy services, research, training, support, coaching and software development in Sweden and Europe.

We have been involved in European projects for over 20 years and have an extensive network in Sweden (including from public authorities and academic institutions) to include in European proposals/projects.

In Trivector, we value continuous development through research, training and knowledge sharing. Our services and solutions bring together the latest research findings and our practical expertise. Our involvement in many national and international research and consultancy projects has contributed to an extensive corporate portfolio

„We joined trolley:motion as electric public transport is an important part of the future sustainable transport system. Our knowledge in electric bus operation from batterie buses to trolleybuses is great with references as the procurement and realisation of the trolleybus In Landskrona, Sweden, 2003 and electric bus studies in Sweden and Norway during the last five years.“ Per Gunnar Andersson – Executive Vice President