trolley:2.0 Partner Meeting and USER Forum Meeting with Joint Session of 31st UITP Trolley Committee Meeting

During the joint session of the UITP and trolley:motion, numerous topics regarding the development, research and implementation of trolley busses were discussed.

Overall, the joint sessions showed that trolley busses are showing potential for future up-take as a means of electric transportation. Especially the prospect of in-motion charging that would allow the extension of trolley bus lines, without constructing additional infrastructure, was given a positive resonance. Several cities, such as Bergen, Szeged and Solingen are expanding their networks.

It also became clear, that through the development of new technologies, trolley bus systems can serve as DC back bones for cities and lose the image of an outdated technology. Examples of these included the development of DC chargers that can be installed on the catenary (see presentation by Menno Kardolus) or the automatic wiring system from LibroDuct.